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Starbound (Pre-Order) 4-Pack

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One of the folks from Terraria has been working on a new game called Starbound, which is very much like Terraria, except in my opinion it looks like it is improved in almost every regard. It looks awesome! They've just started taking pre-orders for $15 (minimum) through the Humble Store to help fund the game, and are offering 25% off of a 4-pack. The pre-order includes:

Access to the beta (when the beta launches sometime this year)
Full game + Steam Key (when released)

Here's a video that shows off the building aspect of the game:

More Starbound media.

Anyone want in on a 4-pack? It would be $11.25 per person. I've already got one other person interested, so I'm looking for two more people to join up.

I'll go in.

Sure, why not. See if you can get a hold of me on IRC when you need the dosh.

Sweet. That's 4 of us then. I'll PM you both with the details.

My son and I have been itching to play this since they stopped terraria development


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