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Latest Progress Bars of Life - Version 2.03 - May 16, 2014

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i think will be good too (also with less space) :up:

New update:

v1.09.01 - Nov 30, 2013

* New option to check for updates at startup.
* Reorganized options tabs to make the main item list easier to see.
* Added minimize-to-tray item in right click menu.
* Added hotkeys for moving items up and down and improved instructions in item editor.
* Added option to specify inter-bar spacing.
* Automatic bar sizing based on desired # bars per row now takes into account padding and spacing.
* Added icons to progress bar item editor right-click context menu.
* Improved UI for setting bar sizing mode.

Thanks, Mouser, great stuff! Only just discovered this one today. Is there any way to display it over Desktop Coral?

Edit: Ignore my question. I just realised that it works as a DC in its own right.

no need -- it has its own docking ability -- just drag it to an edge, then go into options and set layout as you want.
try the new option to automatically size bars to all fit on one row.

i was thinking of adding a feature for manual bars that let you click anywhere on the bar to set the progress to that point.  what do you think of that instead?
--- End quote ---

implemented (v1.10) but not uploaded yet.  This makes it easy to have a bunch of progress bars docked on the screen that you can manually adjust whenever you want.


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