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Latest Progress Bars of Life - Version 2.03 - May 16, 2014

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Can you send me a copy of your ProgressBarsOfLife.ini file and ProgressBarsOfLife.itemxml file (make backups for yourself too), so i can see if its something about those files? ([email protected])

Done. Should I maybe just uninstall/reinstall it?

Uninstall/Reinstall won't do anything.
You could exit, delete your settings file and your items file, IF you wanted to lose all of those and start from scratch, which might solve your crashing problem but would lose all your data.

Actually -- I've just received your files, and I get the access error myself with them when the program starts!
That's great news, because it means it's a clear reproducible error that I should be able to fix easily.
Standby, I'm working on it now.

Can you download the beta version from:

* or
This should fix the crash, but the real cause of the problem is something got messed up with your settings file (not your progress bar items but the visual and general options), causing many values to be blank.

What I think you should do is exit PBOL (make sure it is not running in task manager since the crashes could have left some copies running).
Then DELETE your ProgressBarsOfLife.ini file (MAKE A BACKUP SOMEWHERE FIRST!!!); That fie will be in MyDocuments\DonationCoder\ProgressBarsOfLife on windows 7 by default.
Then restart PBOL.

Your items will not be lost but you will have to reconfigure your docking preferences, etc.


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