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Links to JGPaiva's AutoHotkey Coding Snacks

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Am I blind or is there no link to JGPaiva's awesome AHK snacks from the Software page?
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Unfortunatelly, i've been quite busy, and unable to make a decent page with all my coding snacks. School is starting again now, and things are a bit confusing. I hope i'll be able to figure something out, as soon as possible.

you should make a page for them really -- you and lanux both.  when you are ready drop me a line and i'll set up the web space.

mouser, i also have another crazy idea.. how about going through the Coding Snacks board and take out all the finished articles and index on a web-page by the program's name & description? then new users can be asked to look at the page 1st to see if their requests had already been done.

and also all coding snacks can have a uniform banner or about box to give them some sort of identification.. something like "this came out of DC coding snacks".. for one of the coding snacks, i had requested nudone for a custom Cody pic like the one below, this can be a template of sorts..

This is done already in one form:

(with a link to this page from Software page).

I think the idea of a standard about box is very fun.

ok, it's cool then.. give me a day or two to collect my coding snacks and i'll send you a text file..


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