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which file format is more accurate to save webpages?

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they are supposed to offer an alternative way to save webpages, than the default which saves the webpage in an html file and an accompanying folder

the advantages are portability, compatibility, organizing single files, etc

I am not sure, but they may offer an advantage in saving a webpage "more completely", so that when you will open it offline, you will be able to view it exactly as if online

names? links?

(trying to get info out of you is hard work ;-) )

well I have installed these two:

Thanks kalos

well I have installed : (April 10, 2013, 04:57 PM)
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Are you not satisfied with this MAF addon?

About this Add-on
This extension enhances the way web pages are saved on your computer.

It provides the following advantages over the built-in save system:
— The saved pages are faithful to the original (exact save)-MAF
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Is the problem that the homepage doesn't say "this setting gives the best quality"?

Actually it is saying that you need even one more addon, if you want to use MAF to enhance quality:

Save Complete, by Stephen Augenstein, Not available for Firefox 18+

    The Save Complete extension will integrate with Mozilla Archive Format, but must be enabled from the internal configuration settings.

    This extension replaces the system used by the browser to save complete web pages. The new system correctly handles style sheets referencing image files, that otherwise would not be saved, causing some pages to appear differently.

About this Add-on
As more and more sites use CSS, Firefox's built-in complete save becomes increasingly less effective, as it doesn't support stylesheets. This extension fixes this, and saves the complete page, including all images, stylesheets, flash, javascript, and anything else associated with the document, even imported stylesheets and images referenced in the stylesheet files.
-Save Complete
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-Save Complete
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-in every other way MAF is not for better quality, but for smaller files!
If you want better quality only, you will need to stop using MAF etcetera.


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