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which file format is more accurate to save webpages?

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It's not some specific webpage I want to save. I am just trying to find the best way to save webpages. I am sure we all have saved a webpage in order to view it offline, and it ended up with parts missing!

The extra options are from plugins.

Ahh... a misunderstanding there - I didnt mean what specific webpage, I meant what exactly do you want to save:
in your first post you seem to want videos etc etc

if you want everything, rgdot has answered your question.
I suspect you wont get much help with all your saveas options unless you describe those plugins/extensions that offer those options. Or you might be better off asking the makers of those extensions.

yes, I want everything (that's what "etc" was for)

rgdot's recommendation is very common, but my experiecne with httrack was poor (admittedly long ago)

teleport used to do alot better job, but again:
1) it is somehow cumbersome to use it in everyday usage since I will have to manually insert the url from the web browser to the other (httrack) program (ok, I will just need some kind of ahk script to automate it)
2) it is not as simple as it should, because there are lots of settings and it does not offer the WYSIWYG of the browser

that it will lossly save all the webpage and its related files, eg videos, scripts, etc,-kalos (April 08, 2013, 04:53 PM)
--- End quote ---

kalos, you need to realise that most videos (and other embedded types of content) are, for lack of a better term, hidden when it comes to saving webpages.  I'm not familiar with httrack so maybe I'm completely wrong here.  Maybe rgdot can let us know if the application saves videos and such.

to be honest, I am not basically interested in videos, but in javascript popups, flash content, and such
but yes, it's up to web developer that if he decides to hide something, he will do it no matter what (via JS, etc)


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