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UTF-8 bug?


I'm using v2.17.01 on Win8 64-bit.

Here's how to reproduce the bug:

* With CP+H enabled, copy this Hebrew text: מסלול סיוע לקידום חברות מתחילות
* Now paste that same text, but do it by selecting it from the CP+H popup, and this is what you get: îñìåì ñéåò ì÷éãåí çáøåú îúçéìåú
It's worth noting that if I open the Main Window and scroll through the excerpts, there the copied text is rendered correctly in Hebrew.

Does CHS support Unicode characters at all?

(most of? all of?) mouser's stuff is written in Borland C++ Builder, which didn't use to have Unicode support. A few quick searches on the board doesn't seem to indicate that mouser has switched to a version with Unicode support (...which would probably mean a fair amount of source code changes as well).


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