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[IDEA] multi copy and paste



often, when we want to copy and paste data that comprises of multiple data fields (for example the data of this forum's member accounts, where each account comprises of the data field of username, password, email, etc), it is difficult to automate it

we first must bind the source fields to the target fields, which is not very easy

so, I am looking for a program/script that will copy Excel cells (or similarly csv formatted text) and then let me paste a specific field to the target form field

I would highly appreciate ideas on how to facilitate such operations, however I already have an idea:

to display the data copied in a popup, where we can click a cell and paste that value in the point of the cursor


any help???

Kalos, how does what you want differ from the many clipboard managers already available?

well, while I dont deny similar thing exists, I will need to see some screenshots of those clipboard managers

the uniqueness as I imagine it, is that it can store data in table with cells (or in columns and rows if you prefer) where the position of a cell, means something for the data of that cell (for example if the second column contains surnames, then you know that the text of the cell "James" is not a name, but a surname)

most, if not all, clipboard managers, afaik, store data strings, not data tables, ie. one text line below the other, or multi-line text strings one below the other

how can I save a table in this format?

additionaly, a popup that will follow cursor and it will be easy to choose (with various keyboard/mouse methods) a specific cell to paste, is also a part of what I imagine


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