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(poll) Six free security tools from Microsoft

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Well, I really was tempted to post this under "Found Deals and Discounts", but...

Fred Langa from Windows Secrets has posted about six free security tools from Microsoft. We already know most or all of them, but I thought it would be right to remind our forum about these tools:

Please first read the story at
- You know, "common ground".


At the same time I will of course like you to tell
if you are using any of these?  ((take the poll))
and tell us WHY? / experiences, good/bad  :tellme:

The Malicious Software Removal Tool comes periodically through Microsoft Update, so I figure, why not? It has never found anything on any computer I have owned.

Microsoft Security Essentials has never found anything, either.

But these are only backup security tools for me.

Might be that my primary anti-virus (common sense, upgrades available daily) has been doing a fine job of protecting my PC. But nonetheless, in case it ever fails, I'd like to have that backup running.

Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't seem to be as much of a pig with system resources as most of the AVs I have tried. Only person to ever complain about it is my daughter who always seems to be using the PC when it's doing it's weekly full system scan. She says it causes Chrome to lag. Of course it's very likely she is playing Flash games when it does. And we know what a pig Flash is. I am not going to blame MSE for that.

But if she would sleep at night on Sundays, she would never notice it.

I use MSE as well, it's free and lightweight, and like app says, if you are not the type of person who clicks anything that pops up, it works quite well.

I have used various commercial anti-virus and personal firewall products over the years, and most of them have gradually turned from sleek power tools to huge suites that try to do everything, but end up just eating up space and time on your computer.

There was a recent article that described how many of the anti-virus solutions available don't really protect very well against the threats of today, because they try to solve the problem of file viruses from 10 years ago.

I am also using EMET from Microsoft.

What Jibz said :Thmbsup:

+1 w/the above. I've pretty much standardized on using the MSE/EMET combination with an occasion full system scan with either Super or Malwarebytes "just in case." That plus a little prudence - and regular Windows and definitions updates - has served me well so far (knock wood). 8)


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