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Avast Software Updater Version Checking Rant...



Notice anything wrong with the highlighted area?

Yep...they call it a software updater...but...I managed to beat them to noticing 17.0.5 of Thunderbird and updated before they even realized 17.0.5 was the latest version...

How can that be a software updater if they don't see the update before you...

Note: The other softwares was blanked out by Screenshot Captor 4.0+ Patching Effect.

Time I checked was 11:15 pm eastern time on 04/03/2013.

I find that the installation dates given for my programs by Windows Add and Remove, update programs, and uninstaller programs are typically pathetically wrong. I was told my possession of one program dated back to 2002, before the computer was purchased.

  There's a whole lot of factors like having Avast set to automatically update the software and how often to check for updates.
  If it's still not showing the correct version for your software, the database might have got munged.  In this case go to Settings > Software Updater and select "Reset Database Now".  This will rebuild the default settings for the software updater and rebuild your software database.


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