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Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ

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Steven Avery:

I understand this is fine, well-supported program.  However, if we do not do fancy sync stuff, but more backup in the mode of Cobian and Backup4All, can you mention what you like about the program that might help me justify jumping at the special and making it my main backup program, with whatever sync comes down the sink ? Thanks.


Might be too late with this info Steven, but it does backup and lots of it:

* incremental zipped/unzipped
* partial file updating
* 'Synthetic backup' = partial file updating + versioning + zipping
* Real-time-sync i.e. monitoring + syncing - if this is combined with zipping it works as versioning
this backup doesnt have versioning applied but you can see the options here ('Real-time-sync' is another tab)

Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ

Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ

Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ

EDIT/ I misread your post Steven:
if you want simpler, I'd go for something else. Advantages here are flexibility and dependability. (I have made mistakes because of messing around with options where I didnt really know what they did. OTOH, there is a wizard which guides you through setting up a backup, includes many options - you can modify it later to explore the rest of the options.) Organisation of backups is not ideal - you can group them by name: let's say I have a bunch of backups going to a particular external drive e.g. "F" so I could start the name of each backup to that drive with "F" e.g. "F settings"; "F documents". These will then group under the heading "F". If I want to run a group I have to select the individual backups and run (like opening a bunch of files).

Does it work with TrueCrypt?  Thanks.

Today, Friday the 25'th of October, 2013, it is 50% off again

With Syncovery Pro, you set up backup and sync jobs (as many as you like) and either run them manually as you need to, or automate them using a scheduler. The great thing is, Syncovery Pro works with any mounted volume, whether it's a local hard disk, network share, or external drive. Plus, it has full support for Google Drive, Amazon S3, WebDAV, FTP, SSH, and HTTP. Have ZIP archives? No problem! Have encrypted files? Still no problem!
--- End quote ---

Does anyone know of a tool similar to SFFS/Syncovery for Linux? SFFS has v5.71 available but it lacks realtime monitoring which is crucial for me. I am looking to simulate RAID-1 with drive mirroring. I used to run Syncovery on Windows to achieve this. I realize I can do this with rsync, however, the problem there is that since these drives have already been formatted NTFS that each file appears to be new on the source volume, thus resulting in a copy to the destination. This would be fine for a small amount of data, but I have nearly 4.5TB of data to mirror :-/


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