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Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ

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Syncovery Pro @ USd 29.95 on BDJ now:

Anyone knows how it compares with Syncback Pro ?


I havent used Syncback Pro, so sorry, cant compare.
Syncovery aka Super Flexible File Synchronizer (SFFS) is really enterprise level software.
It's extemely dependable. *Lots* of options (which can actually be a bit of a problem if you're a basic user like me).
I use it fairly basically, three sets of local backups, and one backup to amazon s3.

Even though I am a basic user, I've received great support (for my sometimes stupid questions). Have reported a couple of minor bugs over the years that got fixed same or next day. It get's updated very regularly. I've had it six years - in that time there was only one paid update (in 2012) and even that was reasonable cost.

In other words I think it's a bargain at that price ;)

I'm a big fan of SFFS (syncovery) and use it.

Thanks Mouser , Tomos
Guess I'll go ahead for it <grin>


I switched to Syncovery from SyncBackPro. I use it primarily for the mirroring capabilities. I have an external drive enclosure hooked up to an old laptop that does not support SATA Port Multiplexing (4 drive bay, but the system only sees the first drive on the bay). Since the drive is USB, Windows will not let me setup a software raid 1, so I use syncovery to mimic this. It works well, and it is actually a lot more flexible than SBP. I recommend it!


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