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Cheap LED torches/flashlights - any good?

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I bought a cheap wind-up LED light around 5 years ago. It has 3 LEDs for output and can operate in 1 or 3 LED mode. -SeraphimLabs (November 21, 2013, 01:01 PM)
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Cheap LED torches/flashlights - any good?

~$6 from the local "$2 shop", (full of cheap Chinese made stuff).

I have one of those as well. Bought it almost 10 years ago in the Netherlands in one of the Do-it-Yourself chains there (Gamma).

These are not made for the hands of children, as they broke mine. The mechanical connection between the turning handle and the battery charger is the weak point of this lamp. Which is too bad because otherwise it is a quite rugged torch that is somewhat comfortable to hold.

Here in Paraguay they don't sell these at all, you can only buy either more shitty and cheaper torches or ones that have a connection to a 220 volt wall socket build in.


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