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thunderbird alternative

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eM Client has a very simple interface which I like.  We shall see how well it works as I use it more.  I have been a long time user of Thunderbird but its search has frustrated me in finding things.

Learned about Mulberry from the other thread... /me sees it's open source, downloads and runs... AWAY IN HORROR!!

thunderbird alternative

What is this, 1993?  Nope, it's 2007, according to the website.
And it won't even compile...  :mad:

I tried installing PostBox and eM Client and import my Thunderbird mail to check them out.

PostBox imported fine, looks a lot like Thunderbird (for obvious reasons), but the search didn't work until I manually chose to index the mail, and after that I had to manually index the folders I had created myself for backup.

eM Client stopped halfway through the import with an error ("value out of range", no indication of where and what), so I was only able to import two accounts into it. It looked very sleek and the extra functionality it has like calendar seemed nice. But if it can't even import from Thunderbird ...

Tried The Bat!?

Tried The Bat!?-Tuxman (April 04, 2013, 05:40 AM)
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Been there, done that, migrated to Thunderbird.


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