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thunderbird alternative

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I purchased a "lifetime license" for Postbox when it was initially released, after running the pre-release beta. Not too bad, but in reality it is simply a stylized version of Thunderbird with many less extensions available. Their vaunted search engine - which was a big marketing point for them - was not quite as robust as the search engine that T-Bird introduced about a month after Postbox's release.

Unfortunately the developer of Postbox refunded my money and told me that he preferred I find another email app after he deleted a couple of my forum posts where I asked some pointed questions about promised features. That was a very surprising first for me! He said I could continue using Postbox but asked me to refrain from posting "difficult" questions in their forum. Actually he didn't want me to post in their forum at all anymore. Needless to say I uninstalled Postbox and haven't used it since.


Needless to say I uninstalled Postbox and haven't used it since.
-J-Mac (April 17, 2013, 05:36 AM)
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Can't say I blame you. ;)

I played with it for a while but found some features were either missing until payment was made or just broken. I couldn't find out which, found the lack of contact facilities frustrating and came to the conclusion that I didn't care to persevere. Your experience suggests that I am unlikely to regret giving up. ;)

It does look like a nice implementation of a more stripped-back version of Thunderbird.

I've taken my courage firmly in both hands and installed The Bat! I'm not going to let it do any encryption and I'll be very careful before I let it start to build up local message stores. At the moment, it feels like coming home after being away for months. :)

I just installed Softmaker Office 2012 Pro yesterday and it has their new email program included. I'll give it a try and see if it is truly a viable Outlook replacement. I am using Outlook 2010 but I'm not using any of Outlook's extended features; just the basic email. Not crazy about it.


I still use Thunderbird but stopped upgrading at v10, the last version before they forced "tabs on top" onto everyone.

Anyway, it's still a WIP, but the same programmer who does the optimised Pale Moon browser also has MailNews v16, an optimised version of Thunderbird, available in x86 or x64.


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