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thunderbird alternative

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IMAP support is amazing. Even compared to Thunderbird.
-Tuxman (April 04, 2013, 06:13 AM)
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Agreed - The Bat remains the best IMAP client, despite the slow development (I've been waiting a long time for something as basic as the option of a two-line message list, but still use it for its unparalleled IMAP support).
-johnk (April 05, 2013, 04:04 PM)
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There's a lot about The Bat! that I miss, but I am still looking for something reliable and am sticking with Thunderbird until I find it. (I bought The Bat Pro so I could use Voyager. Voyager, three times yet, stomped on my messagebases and because the internal repair routines just aren't very good and the encryption is excellent, I lost a lot of important email.)

Thunderbird did something like that to me too, not all that long ago. (A bug that corrupted email being moved from an IMAP to a local folder.) But Mozilla noticed the problem and fixed it -- something Ritlabs never did, despite my repeated bug reports.

But I miss: proper quoting; the marvellous rules; not having to put up with Thunderbird's idiosyncratic HTML support; the scheduler; so many things... it's just a shame that Ritlabs give every impression of not giving a flying damn about their customers.

Ritlabs fixes reported bugs - they just don't brag about that. (Even their changelogs are never complete.)  :)
I have been using the latest BETA versions for a while now - occurring bugs are mostly fixed within one or two builds.

Well, I still own a license for the current version of The Bat!, perhaps I should try again.

Coincidentally, though, I just saw a thing on TechRepublic that mentioned a client I haven't previously heard of: i.Scribe. Anyone tried it?

[edit to add]

The free version is limited, the commercial version is $10, adds support for multiple identities/accounts... but the author's spelling is worrying ;)

What is it about The Bat that so many people are willing to make excuses for it and its dev team, while at the same time leveling criticisms for the exact same things on its competitors?

I just don't get that part.  :-\

It rocks.


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