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thunderbird alternative

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I switched to Thunderbird from The Bat!, after having paid for upgrades through four versions -- it is a nice program (albeit a bit alternative in some ways), but the past two versions nothing has really happened and you still keep paying.

Basically I found that Thunderbird did what I needed with way better search and without costing anything.

Mozilla stopping development on new features for Thunderbird made me look for alternatives, and I would have no problem paying for a good solution, but I am not going back to paying yearly for nothing but UI tweaks.

Why yearly? My current license is valid until version 6.0.99, might be a while until it is done.

You are right, looking back it was more like every 2-3 years, I guess it just felt like more because we had multiple licenses. Still, I maintain that for my use, nothing useful changed over the past couple of versions.

IMAP support is amazing. Even compared to Thunderbird.

IMAP support is amazing. Even compared to Thunderbird.
-Tuxman (April 04, 2013, 06:13 AM)
--- End quote ---

Agreed - The Bat remains the best IMAP client, despite the slow development (I've been waiting a long time for something as basic as the option of a two-line message list, but still use it for its unparalleled IMAP support).


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