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Google Nose

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Google has several other April Fool's jokes today.

My favorite is GMail Blue, a not so subtle jab at Microsoft.

There is also YouTube's announcement that the entire 8 years it has been in existence was a giant contest to pick the best video, and that the deadline is this night at midnight, after which YouTube will shut down to spend the next decade picking the winner.

At this moment, they are streaming a live reading of "submitted entries" which I guess will go offline tonight.

(This would be more fun if there were to be a straight man.)
-barney (April 01, 2013, 08:54 AM)
--- End quote ---

Well okay I'll be the grouch and say I was in no mood for April Fools this year.

•I think• Magnus Carlsen won the chess candidates tournament today. I will be •quite• upset if the whole last round was a joke!!



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