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Simidude Network Clipboard for $9.95 on BitsduJour 04/05/2009


Simidude - Drag and Drop ANYTHING Between Different Computers. Simidude lets you drag and drop files, folders, text, and web addresses between any of your computers, no matter if they’re running Linux, Windows, or MacOS X

BitsduJour has Simidude for $9.95 (reg. $35) on April 05, 2009

I tried the software after seeing it listed on BitsduJour, pretty useful if you have more than one PC at home/work and want to easily share clipboard, URLs, files, etc. I no longer have to use a portable drive between machines or use email to share links or files.  It also works with Virtual Machines. A single license covers all machines in a cluster which I think is very generous from the author. :up:

Here is a link to their site:

How does it work? Do you need an online account to make it work?

You don't need an online account as this product only works on private networks like your home network or your work network. When installation completes a configuration page opens up and this is where you can specify the group you want to join, the group password, the broadcast port and communications port (or just accept the defaults).

This is back on BDJ today. I tested it and was impressed enough to buy it. Does what is says on the tin.

Coming soon again
60% OFF

Anybody more recent experience with this?


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