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Simple File Transfer Options


The following are some of the simpler file transfer options I've come across.

"Simpler" here is deliberately vague, but the situations under which I've thought to look for these has typically when I want to transfer a file between two machines without much set-up hassle.

* netcat, sbd, ncat, and friends -- if you don't mind the command line
* HTTP File Server (HFS) -- easy to start, uploading and downloading, even works under WINE (HTTP)
* Droopy -- uploading only(?) and needs Python (HTTP)
* Python 2: python -m SimpleHTTPServer / Python 3: python -m http.server -- downloading only and needs Python (HTTP)
* mongoose -- cross-platform, no config necessary for simple downloading (HTTP)
* osws -- one-shot file download and *nix-only(?) (HTTP)
Anyone have any favorites?


I haven't used rsync in a while -- my memory of it was that it was great for synchronizing things, but that remembering the command line options was not something I succeeded at :)

On a related note, I found that the upload.c example for the mongoose web server provides upload-by-form-via-http.  I made a minor change (save location /tmp -> .) and compiled it using mingw.  Also includes files necessary for compilation -- see included README.txt.

See attachment.



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