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Movies you've seen lately

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Just after seeing Ford v Ferarri
I prefer the name used here "Le Mans 66". Ford v Ferarri sounds banal to me... but it seems that was part of the problem with Ford at the time, they were considered boring. FWIW that's pretty much the way I think of Ford now, but you dont see a whole lot of their cars here, so I guess I shouldn't really judge.
Worth watching in the cinema for the racing. Well made -- I enjoyed it.

Movies you've seen lately

Captain Kidd (1945) A digitally colorized classic.

Saw Joker last weekend and... meh. The character was not well-developed, just his history of abuse was slowly revealed while he almost constantly smoked throughout the movie. I don't remember the Joker being a smoker in the illustrated books I have. The last 15-20 minutes is the relevant part of the story. Heath Ledger still owns that character for originality.

And Then There Were None (1945) - I consider this to be the best live action version of Agatha Christie's magnificent murder mystery. Endearing and intriguing all-star cast. Digitally colorized.

Two ways that I find such classics are either by looking up in Wikipedia what other films a favorite star has appeared in, or by checking what other films the YouTube user has also posted.

With Wikipedia, I often find in doing so, that I've fallen deeply in favor of the amalgamation of both the big screen charms of the fictional character, and the theatrical gifts of the real-life film star, rather than just the one or the other only.

Telefon with Charles Bronson, Lee Remick, Donald Pleasence, & Tyne Daly
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