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Kingdom (TV series)
The Wandering Earth

WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted. Possibly the most gruesome stomach-churning non-fiction movie you are ever likely to see:

Gosnell - The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer (2018) (Abortionist murderer docu-drama) IMDB 7/10 Stars (my personal rating= 5/5 Stars).
Not only is this a movie about a murderer, it is also a de facto social commentary and indictment of a coldly negligent society and its health and social welfare services that permitted Gosnell to practice unchecked as a horrifically callous abortionist for 30 years and for him being deliberately left unaudited for the decade prior to his arrest/conviction. The reason for this laxness seems to have been fear of some perverted kind of political correctness.

I would like to apologise here for pointing to it in 2013 as a black humour joke about what appeared to be the MSM's deliberate self-censorship by not turning up to report on the trial:
A picture worth a thousand words?
Photo: Empty 'Reserved Media Seating' at Abortion Doc Gosnell's Murder Trial
...The trial that wasn't?
-IainB (April 13, 2013, 07:07 AM)
--- End quote ---
The media's avoidance behaviour and the solitary blogger who was reporting on the trial and who took the photograph of the empty reserved seats are featured in the movie. The blogger was effectively the only journalist there, at first, but the photo she took, when circulated on the Internet, ensured that the MSM could ignore the trial no longer.
If I had known more about the seriousness of the crimes/trial, I would not have made a flippant joke about it like that.

In the movie credits there's a link to the image of "Baby Boy A" - a photo taken by an assistant/nurse of a live baby that had been murdered by Gosnell and which was estimated by a neonatologist to be at least 32 weeks, if not more, in gestational age. This was apparently a very difficult piece of evidence for the jurors to have to examine, but it proved to be crucially important in securing a conviction.

Mi querida señorita by Jaime de Armiñán

My Dearest Senorita

Is an old movie. With a good sensibility.

'girl faints in lunchroom Desktop'

Her friends help and are very sensitive, alert, and solicitous of her sudden unexpected condition, and even catch her before she can fall out of her chair and hurt herself. They obviously know her, and there is no suggestion of anorexia or drug abuse. I suspect she is at that age where young teens grow taller so fast that it is known as the 'growth spurt' and they can be subject to this. I wouldn't mind finding a copy w/o 'grindhousehorror' superimposed.
edit: I respect this girl's honor, and everyone's privacy, and I or the forum Mod will remove this video if anyone objects at any time for any reason, Thank you.


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