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Movies you've seen lately

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Another Aussie flick that I watched a few days ago, The Rover

It's one of those movies that I felt was too slow moving and even boring while I was watching it, but I keep thinking about it. The thing that make me very glad I stuck with it is that it has many story lines that are just hinted at and characters that you wonder about how they got to this point - what's their back story?  You are only given some small bit of history on the main character, Eric.  Everything else if left for you wonder about, and I think that makes this movie finish like a great short story.

I've not finished watching this, but am posting it because you can get it for free now.


This film is free for a limited time.

FYI -- This covers a broad spectrum of health issues and not just vaccines.

"Your health, now brought to you by Wall Street... - Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food."

In our "Activist Post Theater," you can purchase the year's most thought provoking film - Bought. However, most likely due to increased media pressure to accept medical force when it comes to vaccines - the makers of the movie have released it online for free.

Early viewers are reacting as though it is the most important, mind-blowing information to see in a film this year.

This offer is only available between February 22 - March 6, 2015. You can enter your email here, or simply click here to watch now.

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Link to free film:[email protected]

Beautiful Life
11 episodes

Tokyo Boy
Maki Horikita is a top -and I mean top- Japanese actress who gives an awesome performance as Minato, a beautiful, sweet young woman who does not realize she is Multiple Personality and can't figure her life out.
This is a picture of her 'Alter' or 'alternate persona', whose name is 'Nighto', also played by her:

Tokyo Boy
-bit (April 15, 2015, 12:56 AM)
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This was a fun flick.   :Thmbsup:


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