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Movies you've seen lately

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I didn't watch this "indie" movie, after reading its (mostly unanimous) poor reviews, but I felt that one succint review in particular (below) was worth mention:
The Incantation (2018)
Rating: 1/10
Oh, the horror!
31 July 2018
"This is a great movie if you're blind, and don't understand english..."

Copied from: ohmanoid's Review of The Incantation - IMDb - <>

--- End quote ---

Because this is almost full-length (80 minutes!), I decided to post this here instead of the Short Films or Good Videos threads.
That, and I watched the whole thing...  :-[

A group of kids did a shot-for-shot remake of “Star Wars”
You haven’t seen “A New Hope” until you’ve seen it remade by kids in a garage...

--- End quote ---

While I give all these kids kudos for such a gutsy effort, I gotta say, the kid playing Han Solo has a future...


I just re-watched "The Wanderers" from 1979.
The movie is settled down at a changing era, when JFK was murdered.
Rock'n'Roll, Love sex crime, is shortest review i can give.
Really worth to be watched if you like music from late 60ties.
Music is similar to Dirty Dancing, story is for Rebels like myself ^_^

A newer movie watched aswell, called "The Monster", aint that bad at all.
Mother with her teeny child drive thru lonely roads, car is dead, now what to do.
Exactly, call for help and get ripped off from a monster ;-)
For a low budget this looks quit good, actors are unknown ones but doing their job really good aswell.

Just saw Night School.  Pretty predictable and neat, but good fun!

Au-delà des murs/Beyond the Walls (TV series)


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