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Movies you've seen lately

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Hell Or High Water (2016) - a slow-mid paced contemporary crime drama which has a gentle side to it. Great character development - it made me empathize with both sides. Even the minor characters were charming and stood out. The action is sparse but the few scenes it has were very well done. No hesitation in recommending this one.  :up:

I thought Incubus was her brother, and she gave him a new host. But aside from that, I still don't understand why--if he is an actual god, and she is only god-like--why does he do everything she says. And again, he can kill in an instant, and everything he touches--except the Suicide Squad--is immediately destroyed. I honestly can't remember if it ever came down to kicks and punches with the Suicide Squad (not counting the one obvious exception), but it still seems to me like he could have annihilated them instantly.

-Deozaan (December 22, 2016, 01:39 AM)
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You are correct... I misspoke, as that's exactly what I meant.  And I thought you meant motivations, not literal actions.  Of course, if he'd done that, it wouldn't have been much of a movie.  But they didn't give any in-movie explanations.

The Handmaiden
Train to Busan

Train to Busan was a good addition to the zombie horror genre. I liked the buildup but didn't think it was as exceptional as some people made it out to be.
I loved The Handmaiden - the locale itself was worth the entry price. One of the best movies I saw last year. 

A search of this thread didn't show up Arrival.

I really enjoyed it :up:
trying to communicate with the aliens...


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