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Movies you've seen lately

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Watched "Edge of Tomorrow" yesterday.

The concept of the story hit me "live - die - restart". Isn't that we all have been doing with our WinOS all these years, install - use - reinstall. Did the director got the idea from Windows ?

Now MS is forbidding that. No more reinstall, as we will not have the CD or copy of the latest Win10 which will auto get updated to 10.0.12345677... , like Chrome.



^ The needle is in the arm...  :o

Not quite a movie. But we get our Lovecraft where we can.

Nicely done webseries called Shadow Bound. Silent, and in B&W (as is fitting), and with plenty of low-tech cheesy special effects for that nice period vibe. Five episodes averaging 20 minutes each. Find it here.

Here's the trailer:

I watched Phantom Halo (I think it came out in 2014) the other night. At first I thought it was gonna be a truly low-grade B movie. But it actually was pretty good. Two teens struggle to get by as their alcoholic, gambling father blows through whatever money they come by. Not 5-stars, but it has some life themes and morals that -- for me, at least -- made it not a waste of time.

Cellular 2004 which was given a remake into the Hong Kong film Connected 2008.
Both are energizers with nonstop action that never gets tiresome.


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