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Movies you've seen lately

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R.I.P.D - Action story about undead cops that doesn't take itself too seriously and that makes the movie a lot more entertaining and funny than the recent Hollywood blockbuster "bomb"-ardment over here. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges do deliver in this one.

Agree. We can thank the Blair Witch Project for coming up with the concept (gimick?) that set the stage for an endless stream of low-budget and indie copycats.-40hz (September 10, 2013, 11:10 AM)
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OMG, the number one mistake made by some of them - you don't get timers showing how much tape/battery you have left, or anything else you'd expect to see in the viewfinder of a camera, on the supposedly "found" footage.

You can watch it in full on YouTube here or here. Not HD by any stretch, but it's adequate for viewing.
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It's also available for 720p HD download on VODO.

I'm not quite sure I'd class that one as "found" footage since the survivors brought it back with them :)

I watched it not long after it's release and although I found it entertaining enough to watch all the way through, there was a bit too much seemingly mindless running around, night-vision, yelling, etc, that seems to characterize these types of film - unfortunately, in this case it's mostly what you'll get when it's all done in the dark.

I've seen six films since my last post.  ;D  :-[

Demonlover (discussed above) - held me solidly for the most part, but the reveal didn't freak me out as much as I would have liked. I likened it to reading a Stephen King novel, enjoyable while everything's sane and normal and a slight letdown when the shit hits the fan... (I've always thought King writes brilliantly about normal life... too bad he has to live up to his reputation as a horror writer and is compelled to insert some 'crazy' in all his books.) Back to Demonlover: I loved the realistic vibe the film had - very subtle and believable performances throughout.

Star Trek Into Darkness - a fun ride but nothing to write home about. Hardcore Trekkies would appreciate it more, I suppose.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Deals with the problems faced by a young Muslim-American man post 9/11 and his subsequent (suspected) radicalisation. It makes some valid points but I found it a bit too left leaning for my taste... the message it tries to put out is not to see everything in black and white. Ironically, it comes across as exactly that... a B&W film that panders to bleeding hearts. A watchable film, nonetheless, provided the Qawwali music, so generously used throughout doesn't put you into a deep depression. ;D

La princesse de Montpensier: If you liked Dangerous Liaisons, this should be on your watch list. Les Fran├žaises, la guerre, la passion! :)

Finally, two Stanley Kubrick masterpieces:

Paths of Glory - an anti-war drama. I'm not one for war flicks but this movie isn't so much about actual warfare. It's a cynical look at politics playing out within the army, with the soldiers/pawns sacrificed to facilitate their superiors' personal ambitions. I can't say I enjoyed it a lot but it's considered one of his masterpieces so YMW(probably)V!

Barry Lyndon: I saved the best for last. It's a period film that deals with an Irishman's rise to fortune. I found it a bit Forrest Gump-ish in the beginning, but it gets better and takes a darker path in its latter half. Probably the best movie I've seen all year. It runs slightly over three hours - beautifully paced, the time just flies by. I loved every minute of it. How can I put this gently?...:-[ If you don't watch this film, you lose! And little kids everywhere get to point their fingers in your direction and laugh.

Star Trek Into Darkness - a fun ride but nothing to write home about. Hardcore Trekkies would appreciate it more, I suppose.
-nosh (September 10, 2013, 08:26 PM)
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I just saw that a short while ago, and I wasn't particularly impressed. Again, as mentioned above about Ironman, special effects and CGI took up a huge amount of the movie, with little in the way of a decent plot or story to be found. I like Star Trek, but there was nothing compelling about this movie, and certainly nothing about it worth recommending. I liked "The Dyatlov Pass Incident" much more. It had some nice twists in it, and the CGI/effects in it were used to actually advance the storyline.

I have plenty of found footage movies collection and I can tell you that blair witch is not the first found footage movie. Besides that blair witch project is very boring movie.

I watched "Dytlov pass incident", didn't liked it much. There wasn't anything creepy in it. However here are some of the found footage movies that I enjoyed watching

V/H/S 2

I just love V/H/S series. I do agree that they have few bad stories in it but definitely worth watching if you are found footage movie fan.

Grave Ecounters (Part 1, and avoid watching second part).
Lost Coast Tapes (Creepy atmosphere for Big foot movie)
The Collingswood Story
National Geographic Lost Tapes

I have few other titles worth suggesting but considering the gore and sexual content in it, worth not listing here.

I also enjoyed this years Evidence(2013) movie which is mix of found footage and CSI theme.

Edit: If you want to see a good found footage documentary, Search for "Troll Hunter". You'll love this movie. :)


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