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Ad Industry Attacks Firefox

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Can you lie to yourself over and over until you believe the lie?

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Sure, you see it all the time.  And with a little motivation it doesn't always take a lot of "over and over".

 I just wonder if he is that much off his rocker or if he's just trying to use FUD against Firefox users.....  
-Tinman57 (March 27, 2013, 08:17 PM)
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I really, really wonder about this very often. He's just one example of some guy with a clear conflict of interest spouting complete lunacy. Do these kinds of people REALLY believe what they're saying? Or are they simply morally bankrupt?

To be honest, I think a lot of these people really and truly believe that up is down and ignorance is strength. And then I really and truly wonder how they managed to deceive themselves into believing stuff like that. Can you lie to yourself over and over until you believe the lie?
-Renegade (March 27, 2013, 08:56 PM)
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I came up with a theme some time ago for some of this stuff. The key principle is that they aren't *quite* that stupid, and so the excess force in the phrasing gives it away as fud. But then that's where it gets funny. There's a school of advertising now that apparently believes in the "black hole" approach - abuse the customers/public. Then they become grumpy. So abuse them some more. Then they get angry.

But THEN if you amp it up to waterboarding, their sanity explodes through the far side of the black hole, and then they buy things from you!!


That's not how black holes work  :(  That's Stockholm syndrome.

40hz: that Mozilla is on record, it's equally important that they not have a sudden change of heart about their decision.

And as far as Mr. Jaffe's threats on behalf of the ad industry he represents are concerned, I say: Bring it on!

There won't be any changes in my ad policies as a result of this.

If I see though that a particular ad company has started disturbing my ad layouts or altering the types of ads being used without my consent, they'll find my account closed on the spot and all of the traffic I give them going to their competitors.

And I use firefox over here. So if they try anything, I'll know about it.

When will corporations learn that they can't abuse the public like this? People aren't going to deal with it forever.


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