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Information Manager / Database for daily record of mood and health

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Hey DCers,

I'm looking for an information manager in which to record health information such as temperature, diet, weight, mood, symptoms etc.

I know such things exist for specific conditions (eg Depression) but I'd rather use something generic that allows me to define the fields I'm interested in, and to specify them as check boxes, combo drop downs, multiple choice lists, free text, numeric etc.

I know that I could roll my own in a database such as MySQL or Access but that feels like overkill, and would involve building everything from scratch.

After a month or two of recording I'd like to output and analyse in Excel / Matlab.

My Google-fu has deserted me and I've not found the ideal piece of software yet - any thoughts?
Should be Windows based, ideally for free (or donation).

Thanks for any suggestions.

How about Smart Diary ? The free version is limited but the full version is often on BdJ. Export to csv, etc. was planned last checked, might be available by now.

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll take a look.

InfoQube might be overkill for your needs, and it's not free**
But -keeping in mind I'm a basic user- I think it would cover all your needs.
Here are the options when creating a new field:

Information Manager / Database for daily record of mood and health

I'm not sure what you mean by combo-drop downs. In IQ you can have a drop-down list that isnt editable (just select an entry) or one where you can add new entries on the fly.
Export to Excel (.xls) works fine in my experience; also to html.
Then there's pivot tables via Excel, but that's world I know nothing about ;-)

** The developer has said that "While in Beta, InfoQube personal licenses are now free [on request]"

@tomos InfoQube looks ideal and I like the fact that it is generic. Shame it is going to be a bit pricey once it is out of beta.

I'll have to investigate the free personal license.


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