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Crusader Kings II and Left 4 dead 2 giveaway (Gone)

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I love DC, so I am going to give something back to the DC community.  Kiss


1. Get a steam account

2. Join the Donation Coder group on Steam

PM  "wraith808" your steam name, and tell him you want to join  the group.

3. Log in to via your  steam-account

4.  Enter the giveaway

5.  Read the FAQ


1. You are not eligible to enter the contest/giveaway if you are on my blacklist.
2. Only administrators,moderators, and the charter, honorary or supporting members of can enter the giveaways. Rule 3 is not required If you are administrator, or moderator.

3. You must have at least 25 posts on if you are charter members, or supporting member, and have been a member of for at least 30 days to enter the giveaways.
4. Follow the steamgifts rules:

5. The entrants will have to post their forum profile as a comment on the giveaway.

6.There is no mark for winning a giveaway, so you can enter them all!

Note: Please don't forget to mark as received on steamgifts once you redeemed it, thanks!

Games List:

4 x Crusader Kings II
Genre: Strategy

1 x Left 4 dead 2
Genre: FPS

With Rule 2, Rule 3 shouldn't be required.  We have a lot of charter members and supporting members who don't have 100 posts.  IMHO, Supporting members are already a major part of DonationCoder, even if they have 0 posts. :)

curious about how to go about joining the group - I have a steam acct, but all I get is "membership by invitation only"

PM me your steam name, and I'll send an invite.

Interesting. I signed up.


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