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SC 4 update minor problem

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Not a big deal but thought I should let you know:
the update to version 4 cleared all my shortcuts/hotkey actions.

SC 4 update minor problem

Win.7 64bit

EDIT/ forgot to say - I updated from a beta install from only a couple of days ago

Well that's beyond depressing -- that shouldn't even be possible.

Sent you an email with details, ini file and screenshots.
Going to try messing around now with restarting and reinstalling as you suggested.

Somehow your ScreenshotCaptor.ini file got messed up -- quite possibly a bug in an older beta that kicked in when you ran the new installed and it killed the running instance of the older beta.

I've uploaded a new version of 4.0 that has an additional protection against the possibility of corruption occurring if it crashes while saving settings; if you downloaded 4.0 earlier than 2:30pm central (forum) time, you might want to re-download.

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A corrupted ini file.

Seems to be sorted - sorry for the panic mouser :huh: :D :P


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