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Tried to play 4 different songs, but can only get a black screen. online open-source piano game

Any clues? :)

Have you tried to restart pc? Also please check out that does work for you. Let me know if it does not help.

EDIT: btw. I prefer to use Google Chrome as it has the fastest WebGL.

Nope, didn't restart my PC, and don't plan to until the end of the month at least (At least...planned).

That site says I don't have the plugin installed.  It made no indication of needing to reboot at all, and all browsers have been cleaned and rebooted. So...gawd only knows lol.

Yeah. I will have to ask the jazz-plugin developer to make sure that this does not happen ;)

EDIT: here is the question


Will love to hear the outcome!

Cheers :)


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