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image backups after OS reinstall with clean system

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It is some time since I used the Free version of EaseUS so I cannot remember all the details but both Home and Workstation versions come with the option to build a WinPE CD and although I am unsure about the Home version, Workstation adds WinPE to the boot options so you can access EaseUS without going into Windows and without using the CD.
The Free version of EaseUS has/had a Linux based CD with the option to create a WinPE CD provided you had WAIK installed which is a 1.7GB download.

Something to consider is that EaseUS software often comes up in giveaways, I got Workstation v4 in a giveaway last year and won a license for Workstation v5 a couple of months ago although I have not updated it yet.

Steven Avery:

Right. Lots of giveaways, also of Paragon on Giveaway (with the limitation that you lose it with the OS reinstall).   So I may have a serial number parked in my email or serial# lands for a good image backup from Easeus or Paragon or Aomei (if they do image), I will check.

Now that I as more comfy with the image restore, I may look into restoring on other hardware. I know I can make sure it is meant to be an XP puter and the same size partition is fine.  However I would have to use a pro version for that feature, if it is an investment of $25-50 (or free on a special or if I have one parked or a 30-day trial) I would like to try.  Granted, as a Dell going to a non-Dell, I am skeptical if this c:\ partition restore stuff will work too well to another puter, however I would not mind trying (I have a light spare here).  Will the drivers be happy?  Maybe, they are generally not Dell specific.

Also, I played around quite a bit on the Rescue CDs, just to get a better fix.  UBCD4Windows is liked by many, but the fix for doing it with Dell did not work, and I see that it can be a bear (often taking many iterations and minimal real support now).  Hiren's Boot Disk may have the best file managers (7Z is there) an important feature imo since you want a final backup before you start fresh with an old image or OS restore.  Although Hiren is not particularly known to be ultra-scrupulous on copyright issues.

The file manager on the rescue disks is the sleeper issue, imo.  They really vary tremendously, and half the time you are using a rescue disk you should end up restoring a image anyway instead of trying to resuscitate  a corrupted system.  So you really want something friendly, dual-pane if possible.

Easeus Home looks pretty good for the simple image backup.  As I mentioned I like to have about three early ones parked on a good external disk or two.

So far I do not bother with the internal image on a separate partition idea, although it is a healthy idea, I could set up a special partition the same size as my c:/.


BitsDuJour's forum has links for a license and download of
Paragon Backup & Recovery 2013 for free.

It can use a folder or their backup capsule.

I have made a practice of imaging every system I own on a regular basis for over twenty years (beginning with DOS-based Norton Ghost). I also restore frequently, so I am VERY careful about verifying every image I make, and I archive them, sometime for years.

I used Acronis for a while, but it had stability problems as they crammed in more "features" and I finally gave up on it.  I've also used Paragon's disk management products for about 15 years and have found them to be rock solid. For the past 5 years have relied on Paragon HD manager exclusively for my backup imaging.

Paragon has a whole slew of different utilities, some of which are free, including a version of their disk imaging program. Paragon HD Manager Pro ($99) includes nearly everything they offer and allows you to create a virtual machine from a backup image, which can be very useful if you no longer have the physical system you want to restore to.

Steven Avery:

Ok, I got the Paragon freebie above.  Definitely a bit more sophisticated, in a nice way.  Makes you think a bit about the boot record, MBR. Apparently the others don't tell you exactly what they are doing with the MBR when you reinstall a partition. This is especially an issue if you do any repartitioning after the early backup.

And I did a bit more checking on DriveimageXL. Apparently if you want to restore the primary OS partition, you need to burn a CD with a DriveImageXL plugin.  Some mention BartPE but that is a bear, however UBCD is likelier easier.  

However, this is another spot where Paragon, Easeus and Macrium (and maybe Aomei, the new kid on the block) have a notch over DIXL.  You have another hoop to jump over, rather than simply burning a CD from the program itself, all one integrated unit.

Another area is that some of these programs also allow for file-by-file backup out of the image.  I don't particularly need that, I consider them two different functions, however, it does allow a little extra redundancy.



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