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image backups after OS reinstall with clean system

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Steven, you might as well add a full copy of O&O DiskImage 6.8.44 to your collection.
You can pick up that n-1 version from here.

Includes Windows PE build media.

See for original product page and docs.

Article by PC World.

Edit: Just built the boot media.
Starts fine, but then I got a "Lic. could not be verified" pop up.
The boot media link was supplied in the registration email, so could be an ID10T problem on this end.
My earlier 6.8.1 version works just fine though.

Edit 2: Yes, it was ID10T - sort of. When running the PE build tool, there is half-baked grayed out looking icon to add the license code.

I've also used Paragon's disk management products for about 15 years and have found them to be rock solid. For the past 5 years have relied on Paragon HD manager exclusively for my backup imaging.
-xtabber (March 24, 2013, 02:52 PM)
--- End quote ---
+1 for that - same here.  I try to take full images every few weeks, rotating between two copies on different external drives.  I have restored more times than I wish, including restores to different hardware (although not to a VM yet).

Steven Avery:

Ok, got the O&O.  A bit slower (1/2 hour in my case others were about 10-25), but since I am posting while it backs up, really no problem. That speed thing is really an issue on a professional situation with many images, or large images which I do not do.

It is possible that the O&O is better than some of the others on restoring to another PC.  If I get a chance later shortly, I may give that a try.

Incidentally, Freewaregenius

and Gizmo
 (a few articles around the issue)

both have very fine articles about this imaging thing, and the freeware programs.  Mostly similar to the above, not going into the issue of pseudo-freeware specials. One also mentioned "Redo Backup" which is open source SourceForge, however it does not seem to do individual partitions, it may be very fine for full disk bare metal backups.

btw, the DriveImageXL boot disk is probably no probably at all with UBCD and the plugin, which may be in the standard edition anyway, since that can be a straight download and iso burn.


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