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Recommendation for Project Management software?

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Can anyone recommend a good project management software?  I'm a sueprvisor and have 5 people working under me and between us, we have to keep track of 20-30 projects.  I don't need a heavy duty project management package, like Microsoft Project, or something that complex.  What I'm looking for is something simple with just basic information in the database.

The data I'd like to keep track of are the following:  project manager, Project, project description, project #, state of project (how far along it is, either as a percentage or a description), random notes.  I'd also like to be able to separate out the projects according to the project manager, so I can see who's in charge of what.

So, are there any ideas out there?  I use mylife organized right now, but it's more of a To-DO list maker, than a true project management program.  Although, I can probably tweak it easily enough to act like what I'm trying to do, I'd be interested if there was a better option.  The main issue with MLO is that I can't separate the projects according to the different managers--it's basically meant for one person.  It would be cool if every person had their own MLO file and they could be combined to form one master-supervisor list for me.

Anyway, look forward to the suggestions.  Thanks!

I have found that Project Kickstart works very well for efficiently modelling and tracking small to medium sized projects.


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Thank you! This software review is just what we looked for!

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great link!


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