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Recommendation for a free (and good) video conferencing solution

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  Get up now, SIR JOTO!" when he lifted of the swords blade from my shoulder. 
--- End quote ---
Ever wonder why you now have to carry your head in a bag?  ;)

I would not say 'too much time', perhaps 'a lot of time'.
The amount of "real world friends" is not determined by either, imo.

Hi Curt,

there was joke list about topic "You know you are Internet addicted when..." and one item was: "If all your friends contain an @ sign in their names" :)))

Well i think 90% of Skype users have no premium account. So my friends which i need to hold a conference with have none too, i am nearly sure. But that is not neccesary. They can go with their free (normal - no premium) account and still can join the conference. Just one person of the conference (the inviter or creator of the conference) need to be premium. So no costs for anyone except me.

And even if i state that i "live in the internet" i havent heard about Google Hangout. I get lost all the time when i login into my Google account with all that gazillion of services they offer. I dont know what the most of them are good for. I just use Calendar and Play store. I have a gmail account which i dont use either. And i use the search engine of course. Thats it for me with Google. :)

I think my DoCo Account is much more important for me than my Google account.

*LOL* yes that i wonder too. I always had the impression mouser did something wrong then. :) But its convinient when i go to bowling. I bring my own ball with me! *LOL*


Yes, Skype has become kind of the lowest common denominator in voice and video chat it seems -- even people who have no idea are able to use Skype, facebook and DropBox.

It will be interesting to see what happens once WebRTC evolves.

The real question is,
How many syllables are in "cranioscopical"?
different for everyone i think... :)


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