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Disabling Global Hotkeys (Useful for launchers, AKA FARR)


After discussing the possibility of having FARR hook into system-wide hotkeys (WIN+R, WIN+E, etc.), he came across a registry hack to disable global system hotkeys. Once enabled, you can now enable hotkeys that were once reserved, in any application. I am now able to launch FARR using WIN+R and make it completely replace the Windows Run Dialog. Perhaps now mouser can work on cleaning up the network share and drive browsing code (browsing network shares) within FARR.

I have attached a reg file inside of a zip file for those who are interested, as well as a link to the article which we found to enable this functionality

Just add each letter (no commas, just right in a row. EX; RE would disable WIN+R and WIN+E) to the registry key.

Disable global hotkeys

This is confirmed to work in Windows 8 as well.

Thanks for the post, Josh  :up:

Thank you!

This looks like something I've been searching for!  in win7   Win-1 Win-2 etc are mapped to taskbar shortcuts which conflict with Dexpot - a virtual desktop program  want to use.


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