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'Connect to Internet' shortcut needed.

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When I am not using the internet, several programs that I only need online and the connection itself are disabled.
I have been trying to find a way to create a single keyboard shortcut that will allow me to enable both programs and connection with a single click, most recently I have tried Lacuna Launcher.

Starting the programs is not a problem but I have so far failed to find a way to start the connection from the same shortcut.

I have a shortcut in Quick Launch to the connection and if I click on properties the target shows as: {BA126ADB-2166-11D1-B1D0-00805FC1270E}, the 'Start in' box is empty.
I have not found any way to trigger either this shortcut of the connection itself from any program.

I have wondered whether it would be possible to create a batch file to do what I want but I suspect that if I could find the correct command it would work from a launcher as well.

I have the same situation on both Windows 7 and XP computers, any ideas?


Thanks for that.

I just downloaded NICToggle, I cannot try it at the moment as I do not want the connexion to drop.

One thing I did notice was that it puts an icon in the system tray which would be a problem on my Netbook.
Another thing is that it uses Devcon.exe which has two versions, x64 & x86.
On my computers Windows 7 is x64, XP is x86.

When I have the time I'll check through the other links on that thread as well, at least I have more ideas than I had when I posted earlier.

You could use the path to the shortcut file itself, in Lacuna Launcher. Just remember that shortcut files end in .LNK, even if you do not see this file extension visible in Explorer.  ;)

Now when you run Lacuna Launcher, it will launch the shortcut, which in turn will launch your connection.

After two hours I have got part of the way there.

NICToggle provided me with an ID for the NIC which I then used to create a batch file with two shortcuts, enable and disable.
I removed the program but put a copy of Devcon.exe into the System 32 folder and the shortcuts work.

What I have not been able to do is create a batch file to first start the programs and then the NIC.

The items I am trying to run in order are as follows:

C:\Program Files (x86)\D4\D4.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sandboxie\SbieCtrl.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\PeerBlock\peerblock.exe
C:\Toggle Router\ToggleNIC_ON.bat.lnk

It would also be nice to create a batch file to stop them in reverse order.

I already had Hotkeyz installed and my thinking is to create the batch files and use that to activate them, tomorrow!(?)


I just caught your post as I was typing and it made me take a look, the shortcuts to the batch file for the NIC were showing as .bat the same as the file itself but when I copied the path it showed up as above.

I downloaded Lacuna Launcher a long time ago and put it with my 'might be useful one day downloads', when I couldn't get Hotkeyz to work with this I gave it a try, unfortunately I could not get it to work with that either.

I'll try again tomorrow.


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