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Using MyImgur as upload tool in Screenshot Captor


First of all, I am not affiliated with MyImgur software, developer or website; nor with

MyImgur is a free (for personal use) tool to quickly upload pictures to; once uploaded, the program can copy a link to the file directly to your clipboard. It has also many other functions, including full Imgur account support.

What I like the most about this is that it is portable, has 32 and 64 bit versions and it is able to open-> send image-> copy link-> close without user intervention.

In SC just go to Configure External tools-> Add, choose the Title, the path to MyImgur executable (it may be relative) and in the Parameters field write:

--- ---/portable "%file%"
It should look something like this:

MyImgur interface:

MyImgur options:

P.S. I tried to capture the "Tool Properties" window for MyImgur using Screenshot Captor itself, but it returned an empty image. I guess this is normal (being the child window of a child window of SC itself) but I thought to throw it here anyway. I had to use a different capture program...  :-[

 :-* SC

Thanks for this post joby_toss!

As you know Screenshot Captor now has built-in support for some image hosting sites (ImageShack, and also supports the third party open source ShareX uploader, but it's always great to have additional tools to support additional sites, and I know Imgur is a popular site, so this is excellent.  :up:


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