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Is there a simple way to change the order of the items in the menus?
I am looking forward to a usable help file.
Canary Islands

welcome to the site hosinsky! glad to have you here.

you can use drag+drop of course to re-order things...  but maybe a nice sort option would be nice.

launchbar commander is going to get some improvement very soon.

I am trying the drag and drop but I don't seem to be able to use it as I should. For example, I have a submeny with two items and I want to change the order between them. I can drag them out to another
sub menu and then drag them back again. The first one I drag back becomes the first one in the list
displayed. This is ok with two items but if I have 10 items and want to change the place of one it makes
for a rather complicated dragging back and forth. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

So far I am very happy with the commander. It is wonderful for cleaning up my messy desk.

I'm not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do and what is not working.

The only thing you can't yet do is drag and drop multiple items at the same time, which I will add later.

But other than that lbc should have some of the best drag+drop in a tree of any program - i spent a lot of time on that.
Here's a demo flash movie showing how to do it - note how you have to move your cursor to the right of an item sometimes to get the above+below markers:

After you have a look at that maybe you can tell me if it was just not clear how to do something, or if it's still not doing what you need.

Thanks for the demonstration video!

When you move "command 5" up there appears a blue line between the commands, and "command 5" stays in the position of the blue line releasing the button. For me that blue line does not appear, "command 4", "command 3" etc become blue instead (command 5 stays blue). When I get above the  "New Dock" set  (command 5 - command 1 set) the blue line appears and I can drop "command 5" where the blue line is.

I note that when you move "command 6" on the video this blue line does not appear.

I am using version 1.50.01 which I go when I downloaded two days ago. Windows 2000 professional in English, all updates done


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