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Additional DC commercial licensing discussion


This new section of our forum will focus on questions and answers related to the commercial licensing of software.

If you are interested in licensing or deploying any of our software for company-wide use, we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Or perhaps you would be interested in hiring us for custom software development?

You can contact us directly using the contact form on the website, or via email at [email protected], or just ask your question publicly in this section.
-mouser (March 15, 2013, 01:33 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'll start the discussion mostly echoing a note from Mouser earlier. Mouser, how detailed do you want to get into the issues we glanced over last time? They proved to be somewhat surprisingly complex.

I'm on the verge of blasting a bunch of new threads to organize the topics. Good idea or bad idea?

Also I'd change it from "Licensing" to more broadly "commercializing" because I am the type to commission something but then make it Public Domain or some such.

I'm happy to have a discussion on any such issues -- but most such discussions should probably take place in a different area of the site -- probably the site features area or general section?

I can see that there may be a need for a place we people can discuss the hiring of coders who hang out at DC for custom work, but..  I'd like us to keep this new forum area very tightly focused on the needs and concerns of companies who are interested in commercial licensing of software produced by DonationCoder.

Again -- I think we should have the discussions you are talking about -- just in a different area (at least for the time being -- who knows maybe we will decide that such discussions should be absorbed here at a later date).

If all goes well that means this will be a pretty quiet area of the forum -- but one where current or potential commercial site license holders will feel comfortable posting.


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