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Linkman 8.80 released

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Curt, I'm under the impression that Announce Your Software/Service/Product is really for NEW software/services, not for software that is well-known and long-established, such as Linkman.  Moreover, the guidelines in the section you suggest say specifically "Do not post about minor version updates to commercial software."

specifically "Do not post about minor version updates to commercial software." -cyberdiva (April 17, 2013, 08:59 AM)
--- End quote ---

Oops! I never saw that one  :-[


I just purchased and installed Linkman Pro 8.8.0.  It installed with no issues and I was able to import my Firefox bookmarks.  There were about 23,000 bookmarks and 3,000 folders and the import seemed to go fine.  I then opened Firefox and tried to use the Linkman "Add & Edit" icon to add a new bookmark.  I now have two problems:

1) When I tried to add the bookmark I got the error "a connection cannot be made with Linkman".  I confirmed that both the Firefox addin and Linkman are using Port 80.  So I thought that perhaps I needed to reboot which I did.  I now have the following problem.
2) The Linkman icon in the Tray has been purple for over 45 minutes.  I understand that purple means that it "is loading or saving a bookmark database file".  Is this normal for the "1st open" after importing a large number of bookmarks or is Linkman "hung".  I do see constant disk access but I have other apps running so I really can't be sure Linkman is still running OK.  After importing I did a File | Save As and saved the database file to a network drive (where backups occur).  I was able to roam around and even Sort the imported bookmarks so I've had no indication that anything is corrupted but after the reboot this very long delay in a "purple state" is worrisome.  How long will this "load or save" go on?


Outertech Support:
@Jim please read my emails.

Just upgraded to 8.80 a few days ago and am now getting the following error in IE:
Another application is blocking Linkman TCP/IP prot 80. Try changing to port 81 or 82 in both IE Toolbar (Menu | Settings | Linkman Communication Port) and Linkman(Tools | Settings | Browser)!

I have never seen this message before and the only port setting I see are the one that is set to 7777 that says it is only for  Firefox, Chrome or Opera.


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