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Linkman 8.80 released

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I can handle that!

Thanks for the instructions. Very much appreciated!


Outertech Support:
The bookmark manager Linkman has been updated to version
This is mainly a bugfix release, but we recommend every user to update.


Update process

Simply install over your current installation (it should take less than a minute).
All your settings will remain. No reboot is necessary.


Functionality Changes:

* The Linkman tray icon will change its color to indicate a status change:

Red Icon: normal (default) operation mode

Purple Icon: Linkman is loading or saving a bookmark database file

Green Icon: Linkman has just synchronized a bookmark file using an external synchronization service like Dropbox or Google Drive. The Icon will stay green until a new bookmark is added, or an existing deleted.

* The last bookmark/folder selection is now stored in the lmd database instead of registry/ini file

* Added Firefox 22 and Google Chrome 26 compatibility

* When adding bookmark paths (for example from Clipboard Linkman will retrieve the bookmark name

* Improved Powermarks import

* Added "Start Linkman with Windows" option to Linkman Pro installer

* Separated installer Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts into two sections

Bug fixes:

* Layout problems on low resolution monitors

* Internet Explorer 9 detection on some systems

To the coders out here at Donationcoder: never trust FindWindow() - it's not 100% reliable!

* Fixed a potential crash if an addon is blocking the Firefox communication queue

* Implemented a bookmark validation work around for Jetty web servers

* Autosave after receiving bookmark option works now also with adding via drag & drop

* Work around for OLE error dialogs on systems with OLE registry errors

* Some other minor fixes

Thank you! Great service, as always.   :)


Steven Avery:

Linkman remains my #1 program as a research assistant and also as a PIM and an everything finder.

Look forward to trying out the new stuff.

There is one little enhancement needed that I do not see above.  When a search gives 0 hits, we need a "0 entries found in x.x seconds" in the status bar.  :)

Beyond that I have to try the user-defined fields a bit. However, if the print feature was a bit stronger, I would be more motivated.  (hint, hint).

Funny to see Powermarks import improved.  It was pretty good even a gazillion years ago.


Outertech Support:
Steven, the 0 entries found message was implemented some time ago (after your request).


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