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Linkman 8.80 released

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(...) The reason it is available for download on BdJ is that it soon will be offered with a discount, 62% off, making it $14.99 instead of $39. Linkman Pro 8 (2 Computer License) v8.91-Bits du Jour
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-Curt (December 26, 2013, 06:06 PM)
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The reason I didn't purchase it myself is that sometimes I am really cheap in a not so logical way... the license offered was for 2 (two) computers, but I only have one computer, so what if your offer is fine?, I don't have two computers!

In the end I used the discount code we have here at DC (for 1 computer), and added it to the discount code that Bits du Jour is offering (for 1 computer), and saved myself a few cent. A mighty fine deal...

Moms = VAT
I alt = in total

Yeah, it's cheap, but not quite in the way I would want it to be cheap...


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