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Linkman 8.80 released

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Steven Avery:

Your right.

Somehow I did not think I saw it before, I definitely see it now in my !
A couple of days ago I did a reinstall (after an image reinstall) perhaps I had an earlier version.

Thanks, well done once again.  (Sometimes the little foxes jump through the vines.)



I'm evaluating Linkman and so far I like what I see.

A question about functionality:  I would like to use the "Add all links..." button to capture browsing sessions.  To do this I would like to specify the name of the folder during the "Add all links..." action and also Linkman would need to overwrite any folders with the exact same name.  The net affect is to be able to capture / update browsing sessions.

Is anything like this possible with Linkman?


Outertech Support:
You can do it from all browsers using the Linkman Plugin buttons and right click menus (for example 'Add all tabs to Linkman' in Firefox), but currently you cannot select a name for the folder. The folder's name is the same as the title of the first tab. You can rename it of course.

Outertech Support:
The bookmark manager Linkman has been updated to version
This is mainly a bugfix release, but we recommend every user to update.


Update process

Simply install over your current installation (it should take less than a minute).
All your settings will remain. No reboot is necessary.


* Properties dialog: when the user is editing keywords while a keyword update/retrieval process is present in the background, the web keywords and the user input will be merged using a comma now

* After successfull synchronization Linkman Pro tray icon hint will display the filename and date

* Added copy to clipboard button to options tab | old path of bookmark properties dialog

* Fixed several issues with the Opera browser

* Keyword list will display now also keywords with only 3 letters (old limit was 4 letters)

* If the Linkman web icons data-file (.licons) is damaged, Linkman will create a new one now; the web icons can be recreated by doing a complete bookmark validation in the tools menu

* When the user changes the web path of a bookmark, the validation status icon is reset

* Bookmark validation resume was not always working when a server send bad URL data

* Implemented bookmark validation work-around for bookmarks with incorrectly set path anchors

* Hotkey changes:

main window:
changed swap databases hotkey from ctrl + u to ctrl + j
changed expand treeview from ctrl + j to ctrl + +key
added ctrl + enter to show keyword list window (pro only)

search edit (main window and search window):
added ctrl + space to show keyword list window (pro only)

properties window keyword field:
added ctrl + enter to show keyword list window (pro only)
added ctrl + space to show keyword list window (pro only)

I too have a license for Linkman Pro. But all the same my little square brain insists  
this thread must be moved to >Announce Your Software/Service/Product<


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