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Linkman 8.80 released

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Outertech Support:
The Windows bookmark manager Linkman Pro/Lite has been updated to version 8.80.

If you have any suggestion what should go into 8.90, please post in this thread.

Table Of Content

1. What's new in Linkman Pro/Lite 8.80
2. Download link
3. Announcing Linkman video contest
4. Upgrade instructions
5. Linkman 9 notice

1. What's new

Version 8.80 is a major release which updates the compatibility
with the latest versions of all browsers (including IE 10),
and Windows 8.

Linkman Pro changes:

Components of the Bookmark Validation have been rewritten.
Authentication/Login is now possible, and extended TLS/SSL
support was added. Synchronization Tray Area notifications have
been added together with conflict warnings. The keyword list has
received a new button to the left of the search edit.
Web Icon support has been expanded. Besides the .ico format,
Linkman Pro supports now also PNG, GIF, and JPG images.

Linkman Pro / Linkman Lite changes:

Privacy options have been added to Program Exit section of settings.
The optional Internet Explorer toolbar has changed the
communication protocol from named pipes to TCP/IP, greatly
improving performance and compatibility with firewalls.
Specific browser can be now also configured in the properties
of a folder. All bookmarks inside this folder will be launched
using the configured browser.

Many small interface improvements.

Full changelog:

2. Download

Linkman Pro download:

Linkman Lite download:

PDF help file:


3. Linkman video contest

We are excited to announce the Linkman user video contest.

Create a Linkman screen recording and win a prize!
Total prizes sum up to more than $2500, including over
$1000 in cash prizes!

All information about the contest, including instructions
how to create a desktop recording can be obtained from this website:

4. Upgrade instructions

Linkman Pro:

If you have obtained the lifetime upgrade option during Linkman
purchase, or have bought Linkman in the last 2 years you can upgrade for free.
Download Linkman Pro from,
and install over your current installation. All your data and settings
will remain.

Linkman Lite:

Download Linkman Lite from,
and install over your current installation. All your data and settings
will remain.

5. Linkman 9 notice

We are still on track for the Linkman 9.0 release.
The bookmark validation rewrite for 8.80 was done in part
because of new Linkman 9 features, which will enter the beta test soon.

The main two features are the offline site archiver
(you will be able to create local copies of websites
in your Linkman Database) and IPv6 support.

I've never had any problems with Linkman, and have none with 8.80, but I do wish you would fix some longstanding irritations with the installer.

1) When updating an existing installation in a non-standard location, it should default to that location rather than always selecting C:\Program Files....

2) Installing Start Menu and Desktop links should be separate options, and if the Desktop option is selected, only a single icon placed there, not three.

Outertech Support:

The installer tries to read the installation location from here in the Registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Outer Technologies\Linkman.exe\Path and if found sets the installation to this folder. I've made a quick test with a freshly installed Win7 x64 in a Virtual Machine. Installed Linkman Pro 8.80 to c:\apps\Linkman. After installation, launched the installer again and it pointed to c:\apps\Linkman.

As to other issue. I've noted down that Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts should be separated for the next installer iteration.

Looks good so far!

My one request: More control over Linkman menu and toolbar icons. In Firefox I have too many Linkman icons on my status bar (or I guess it is now called the "Add-ons Bar"). When Linkman first started adding these icons there was an extension allowing customization of the status bar icons. So I rearranged them plus did away with the "Add all tabs" button as I have never used that except by accident. Then the extension was removed so now I have the Linkman icons I rearranged plus the new ones added with every Linkman update installation. I'd like to see a checkbox for adding those icons or not. Same with the context menu icons - Linkman wants to add too many! Much better would be a submenu where hovering shows all the icons you want, but not make the overall context menu even longer.

I put in a support request for this back in April 2011 and was told that the icons would be customizable in the next Linkman version released, but I haven't seen it. If an option for this is there somewhere and I have missed it I apologize... and please tell me where it is!



Outertech Support:

right-click menu customization is on schedule for 8.90.

We haven't had time to add customization to the Firefox addon, as it's a nightmare to code Firefox addons (you are fiddling around with a simple text editor and have to restart Firefox 1 million times). So I cannot promise it in 8.90, but you could do it yourself:

1. Get LinkmanFox.xpi from
2. Unzip the content
3. Open chrome\content\browser.xul in a text editor
4. Search for <statusbar id="status-bar">
5. here you see the icons as statusbarpanel entries
6. remove the entries you don't need and save
7. zip the files (including folder structure) as LinkmanFoxNew.xpi
8. Drag & Drop LinkmanFoxNew.xpi to the Firefox window


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