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Google Reader gone

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^^ Yep. Good post.

The search stated above, Feedbin is my favourite so far, but in the end I'm quite nervous about relying on what appears to be a one-man operation.

I'm looking forward to trying the Digg reader when it appears, but I decided today to have one last look at Feedly and try to deal with the things that annoyed me. I keep coming back to it because it's one of the few readers that syncs with Press, my Android reader of choice. I intended using the NoSquint Firefox extension to deal with the colouring of the site, as advised by IainB, but I decided first to look for themes online.

One undisputed benefit of Feedly being popular is that plenty of people will be tweaking it, and sure enough Userstyles has plenty of themes.

One of them, IamEyeFriendly, got me halfway to what I want, changing the colour scheme, and once you have a base CSS it's easy to keep going. I found the IamEyeFriendly defaults too dark, so I brightened it. By messing around, I found I was able to adjust more or less anything, including, critically, the font for the article text (currently I am very partial to Bitter as an on-screen reading font -- I also use it in Press. I also reduced the padding around the article text. There was far too much space wasted.

I then found a script called Feedly Enhancer, which allowed me to make one more important change -- making the left pane wider. The default is ridiculously narrow, and many of my feed titles were truncated. The script contains a few other useful, space-saving tweaks. If only I could find a way to remove all those annoying social/sharing buttons...The remaining weakness of Feedly is that it doesn't seem to use a mobilizer to grab the text content of RSS feeds that don't supply full-text RSS by default. Feedly just sends you to the web page. Feedbin wins here (I believe it uses Readability).

Here is a screengrab of my current Feedly setup to give you an idea of what I did. So Feedly is a contender again. Digg needs to impress...

I'm looking forward to trying the Digg reader when it appears
-johnk (June 25, 2013, 09:03 PM)
--- End quote ---

Looks nice and simple, but like the rest of the web offerings, going freemium at some point.

Just in time! A recent article on some open source RSS alternatives can be found here.

Some of the apps in the article have been mentioned previously in this thread. But some are new.


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