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Google Reader gone

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FeedDemon Pro is excellent, I've been using it for years. But as mentioned earlier in this thread, it has gone free because the program is now dead. The developer has explained in some detail why the program will no longer be developed. FeedDemon now only makes sense for people who will only read their feeds on the desktop. I imagine that's now a small minority, but I may be wrong...
-johnk (June 22, 2013, 07:36 PM)
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Well, I only read Google Reader on my desktop, and I expect I'll do the same thing with FeedDemon.   I guess I'll continue to pay attention to what other RSS Readers are available, but so far I'm happy with FeedDemon.

Well, I only read Google Reader on my desktop, and I expect I'll do the same thing with FeedDemon.
-cyberdiva (June 22, 2013, 08:01 PM)
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I think you've made a good choice. If I only read my RSS feeds on the desktop, I'd certainly stick with FeedDemon. I'm still testing Google Reader alternatives, currently using Feedbin, syncing with Press on Android, but I'm keeping an eye out in case something better comes along. Digg Reader beta launches on Wednesday...

...("Anyone who thinks social media is a valid replacement for an RSS reader leave the room now" lololololololol..)
-sicknero (June 22, 2013, 12:52 PM)
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Yes, it's quite clever, and most apposite.

.The reason I dismissed Feedly is that it's impossible to change ..the article background colour. It's always white, no matter what theme you choose, and no amount of playing with userContent.css or the Greasemonkey script could change that...
-johnk (June 06, 2013, 09:15 AM)
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I skipped over that statement before and only just noticed it today. It is easy to get the Feedly background changed to whatever you want - if you use Firefox with the NoSquint add-on.
Look at my example and comparison above: Re: Google Reader gone

My concern with Feedly is that they are pulling in as many people as possible without telling them exactly how they will be monetizing the service after google reader shuts down. They have said it will be a freemium thing where certain features will be available only on a subscription, but what features? At least some of the others have the premium stuff in place already, I fear some people will be surprised once Feedly implements this.

I love FeedDemon, and was a registered user of a previous version. It really is one of the most slick desktop clients. But since it's end-of-life'd, it probably won't be updated to support whatever comes down the road.

I imported all my feeds to RSSOwl for a start, which works okay, and then I will probably see what features end up in Feedly premium and see if it's worth it. I would personally prefer a web based reader.


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