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Audio Podcast Radio Show - Show #1 - April 30, 2006

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another free windows client:
podcast listener for mobile pcs:

instructions for using winamp to receive podcasts (from

* Ensure you have Winamp 5.1 or later. You can find it on Nullsoft's Winamp site.
* In Winamp, if the Media Library window is not already open, open it by pressing Alt L or by selecting Media Library in the context menu (usually by right-clicking the main window).
* In the left pane of the window, select Subscriptions under the SHOUTcast Wire heading.
* Click the Add button under the Channel list.
* Bring up the Add RSS Subscription dialog and paste the .xml url.

i have now uploaded the xml feeds for the show, with a TEST audio clip.

so you have a couple hours to figure out how to subscribe to it and get everything working.  Then at 8pm new york time the first episode of the radio show will be added.  You can just "refresh" or "check" the subscription in your podcast client and it should find it automatically and let you download it.

Important Note:
Please feel free to come by the irc chat channel to discuss the show live!
For more info ->

FeedStation only works within FeedDemon, which requires registration. It works fine inside of it, though. WinAmp is so easy that it might be preferred for many.

Show #01 is now up!


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