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Audio Podcast Radio Show - Show #1 - April 30, 2006

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The First DonationCoder Audio Podcast Radio Show
broadcasting this Sunday (April 30, 2006), at 8pm New York Time
Which of your favorite forum members will make a guest appearance?
How funny is it to hear someone rant against software?
What does Cody's theme sound like?
Tune in to find out!

A little over 4 hours until the podcast is available!!!

Anyone have a favorite podcast client?

Here's what worked for me on windows:

* iTunes (easy to use, see advanced menu) -
* Juice (easy to use) -
* RSSRadio (easy to use) -
* Winamp 5.2 (only 5.2 or later! confusing to use) -

Note that you don't actually *need* a podcast compatible client to listen to the show, you can download the mp3 manually and play it in a mp3 player, BUT the experience is funner with a podcast client and it will subscribe to the show and show you more info, and organize the shows for you and let you know when a new episode is available.

What's the URL for the RSS feed for the podcast -- the rss image on the page doesn't have a link.

I've never listened to a postcast prior, so . . . I have no software installed to handle subscriptions.  I'll just listen to the raw mp3 file this round, methinks -- might try out juice.

FeedDemon's FeedStation seems pretty good, and it's free -

edit: i could not figure out how to get FeedStation to work to listen to streams (i dont have a newsgator account, maybe one is needed?)


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